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Private & Catholic Elementary School in Branford, Convenient to New Haven, East Haven, North Branford, Northford, Madison and Guilford

First Grade

The first grade curriculum consists of religion, math, reading, writing, phonics, handwriting, spelling, science and social studies. Among other things students will learn about: addition and subtraction, symbols of the Catholic Church and aspects of the mass, reading fluency and comprehension, and plants and animals.

Second Grade

Religious lessons include the unconditional love and forgiveness God showed through His Son and what is means to belong to a parish. Science themes will delve into the differences between solids and liquids as well as understanding units of measurement. Social Studies teaches students how to be good citizens by setting and following rules and learning about the structure of local and national government. In Math, students will begin to understand place value, how to tell time and more. In addition to reading and spelling high frequency words and decoding words for fluency, students will participate in music, art, computers, library, gym and Spanish.

Third Grade

In our 3rd grade classroom we learn how to work together in a positive, cooperative group setting, emphasizing respect for self and others, with God as the center of our life. Through differentiated instruction students are given learning opportunities that are designed to be challenging, meaningful, and engaging in order to meet individual needs. Creative writing, plays, projects, hands-on activities that integrate STEM, STREAM, and Coding, iPads and other technological resources, such as Osmo educational game system, are provided so that each child can meet with success in all areas of the curriculum. Focusing on a positive environment, enriched with understanding, kindness, and patience we learn how to make good choices and live by our Gospel values sharing our gifts and talents with others.

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is an exciting year, filled with many new and fascinating topics to explore and share together. We will build our Reading lives, employing a variety of comprehension strategies while enriching our vocabulary. We will grow as Writers, focusing on persuasive, informational, and narrative writing. In Math we will learn about number theory, measurement, geometry, and data analysis. We will also learn about the regions of The United States and Connecticut in particular, as well as scientific ideas in energy and motion, electricity and magnetism, and health. Above all, we will spend time together discussing the weekly Gospel message, sharing our common values as a prayerful Christian community. Jesus will be our guide and our partner throughout our days together as we grow in our Faith and our commitment to the Word of God.

Grade Five

In fifth grade, we focus on the virtues of kindness, respect, and responsibility. We create a community of learners who collaborate, listen to one another, learn from one another, and invite God to be a part of our daily life. Creative activities are integrated into lessons across the curriculum with a variety of projects, art activities, dramatic skits, and poetry writing. The use of technology is vital in nearly every subject, and each student has use of an assigned chrome book computer and school email address. Daily subjects include mathematics, reading, religion, science and health, social studies, and written language. Educational experiences are enhanced during the week as students attend art, music, physical education, and Spanish language classes. Also interspersed throughout our days are prayers and discussions about faith as it relates to service, topics in our studies, current events, and life experiences.

Additional Curricula

The following curricula cover multiple grades:

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About Us

Since 1961, Saint Mary School has been providing the Branford, Connecticut community and neighboring towns of New Haven, East Haven, North Branford, Northford, Madison and Guilford with a quality Catholic education.  Whether you are a current student, parent, faculty member, alumni or interested in becoming a part of our community, welcome to the online home of Saint Mary School!

 As witness to our Catholic faith, Saint Mary School of Branford strives to develop every child in a nurturing, academic environment, emphasizing religion, respect and responsibility.

NEASC Accreditation

Saint Mary School is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and welcomes children and adolescents of all faiths, ethnic groups and backgrounds. 

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) - The Nation’s Report Card - shows that Catholic school students achievement in Math and Reading are higher than national averages.