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Saint Mary School of Branford Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled these answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered here or elsewhere on our website, please contact us.

What are the school hours of operation?

St. Mary School hours are 8:00 am to 2:25 pm. Aftercare (EDP) is available up until 6:00 pm.

Does my child have to be Roman Catholic to attend St. Mary School in Branford?

St. Mary School welcomes children of all faiths and denominations. While our curriculum includes Catholic religious instruction, students participate in a manner that honors their own religious beliefs, while respecting the Roman Catholic foundation of the school. We believe that our school community is stronger for having many religious perspectives.

Do I have to live in the parish or be a member of the parish for my child to attend the school?

No. Students from many other towns and parishes attend St. Mary School. Students whose families are members of the St. Mary of Branford Parish receive a modest tuition discount.

What are the tuition and costs per year at St. Mary School?

Please see the 2017-2018 Tuition Rates.

Do I have to pay everything all at once?

No. St. Mary School offers the option of a payment plan through SMART Tuition. Some families find that this option is a good fit.

Is there a discount if more than one of my children attends St. Mary School?

No, but financial assistance is available.

What are the parent commitments per school year?

See Service Hours and Profit Dollars under the HSA section.

Do I have to volunteer at the school?

See Service Hours and Profit Dollars under the HSA section.

How can I donate to or support St. Mary School?

You can support our high-quality, values-centered program by contributing to our annual appeal, making an online donation, making a planned gift, providing an event or program sponsorship, or in another way that makes sense for you. St. Mary School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all gifts are eligible for a charitable deduction. Please contact Sr. Annette D’Antonio, M.P.F., our principal, if you would like to discuss a charitable contribution. We are grateful for all support, which helps us to make our school affordable and accessible to all families.

What grades does St. Mary School offer?

St. Mary School offers full-day instruction at the pre-school level (ages 3 and 4), kindergarten, and grades one through eight. We also offer an Extended Day Program (EDP) that includes a variety of enrichment activities for all children.

Does St. Mary School offer full-day preschool and full day kindergarten?

Yes, St. Mary School offers full-day preschool three days per week for three year olds, five days per week for four year olds and a five day per week, full-day kindergarten. An Extended Day Program (EDP) that includes a variety of enrichment activities is also offered for all children.

Is there after school care?

Yes. Our Extended Day Program (EDP) provides quality after-school care through creative learning activities for pre-K through 8th grade students. There is a modest charge for this program that is in addition to regular tuition.

What clubs, activities, arts and sports are offered for students?

St. Mary School is proud to offer clubs like Art Club, Drama Club, Choir, Yearbook, Spanish Club and Fife & Drum. There is also Student Council. These clubs and activities have different time commitments and are offered throughout the school year.

For athletics, the school offers junior varsity and varsity girls’ and boys’ basketball, junior varsity and varsity girls’ softball, co-ed soccer, boys’ baseball and cheer leading.

Rainbows for all God’s Children is a support group program for children who have suffered a significant loss in their lives, either by death, by divorce or because of another painful transition.

Are all of the teachers certified to teach their respective subjects and grades?

Yes. All of our teachers are certified to teach in their respective subject areas and grade levels. Many also have advanced certification in their subject areas. All of our teachers participate in continuing education activities.

Is there an alumni network?

Yes. We are in the process of setting up an Alumni Association. If you would like to find out more or to become involved, please visit our Alumni page. All are welcome!

Are there any well-known alumni of St. Mary School?

St. Mary School is proud of its 50+ years of graduates. Our students routinely succeed in further educational pursuits and in life. We are proud that our alums are local, state and national leaders; community volunteers and contributing business owners; parents to engaged children; and leaders in religious communities. Check out our Alumni page to learn more about our alums.

What schools do St. Mary School graduates go onto?

St. Mary School graduates go on to pursue educations at public and private high schools throughout the region. The majority of our students attend one of the following high schools: Branford High School, East Haven High School, Guilford High School, Hamden Hall, Hopkins, Laurelton Hall, Madison High School, Notre Dame High School, Sacred Heart Academy, Xavier High School.

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About Us

Since 1961, Saint Mary School has been providing the Branford, Connecticut community and neighboring towns of New Haven, East Haven, North Branford, Northford, Madison and Guilford with a quality Catholic education.  Whether you are a current student, parent, faculty member, alumni or interested in becoming a part of our community, welcome to the online home of Saint Mary School!

 As witness to our Catholic faith, Saint Mary School of Branford strives to develop every child in a nurturing, academic environment, emphasizing religion, respect and responsibility.

NEASC Accreditation

Saint Mary School is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and welcomes children and adolescents of all faiths, ethnic groups and backgrounds. 

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) - The Nation’s Report Card - shows that Catholic school students achievement in Math and Reading are higher than national averages.