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Service Hours

About Service Hours

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Every Family at SMS must earn 50 HSA Service Hour Credits per school year. This requirement is per family, not per child (for families with more than one child enrolled, the requirement remains 50 credits) and is used to pay down our subsidy. Hours are given only for HSA sponsored activities listed below or activities approved by Sr. Annette.

If you would rather not be obligated to keep track of service hours and reach a quota, your family has the option to pay $600 upfront, or in 2 installments of $300, due in September and January. You may select these options on the Parent Service Hour Agreement.

About Our Subsidy: It costs almost $1,000,000 to run St. Mary School – or about $8000 per student. Tuition alone does not cover even the basic operating costs, and Parochial schools do not receive public funding toward their operation; therefore, we must rely upon supplementary means for funding our day-to-day operations. St. Mary Church is responsible for assigning our subsidy, which must be raised independently and paid off during the school year. This year our subsidy is $55,000. As with all parochial schools, we rely on our families to raise this money to help the parish support our school.

Please keep in mind, that in order to fulfill your HSA Service Hours, many of the activities require that you be Virtus Trained. A good rule of thumb is that if you will be in the school building or interacting with the students you will have to be Virtus trained. Visit for more information.

Ways to Fulfill Service Hours (and ways that don’t)

HSA Service Hours may be fulfilled in the following categories:

    Annual Auction and Christmas Tree Sales
    • HSA-Sponsored
    • Service Hour Credits earned for both volunteer hours and profit sharing
    • No limit on hours earned in this category
    Back-to School Pasta Dinner, Halloween Party/Dance
    Family Bingo Nights, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny/Santa
    Kid’s Christmas Shoppe and other events as announced
    • HSA-Sponsored
    • Service Hour Credits 1 for 1; one hour credited per hour worked
    • No limit on hours earned in this category
    Scrip Program Gift Card Sales, Football Mania, Yankee Candle Sales
    Auction Item Donations (actual $ amount item(s) sell for ÷ 12 = service credits),
    Butter Braids Fundraiser, Scholastic Book Fair (online only)
    and other fundraisers as announced
    • HSA-Sponsored
    • 1 Service Hour Credit will be awarded for every $12 in profit
    • No limit on hours earned in the category
    Night Out Dinners, Christmas Parade, Field Day Lunch
    Balloons for Graduates, Lunch/Recess Duty*, Morning Drop-Off Duty*
    Teacher Appreciation Activities, Serving on the HSA Executive Board
    and other events and duties as announced
    • HSA-Sponsored
    • Maximum of 10 hours credited toward 50-hour requirement
    • * Lunch Duty and Morning Drop Off earn a maximum of 15 hours toward the requirement

There are additional opportunities to volunteer that do not fall under the purvey of the HSA and therefore do not count toward the Service Hour Requirement. Things like being a Room Parent, Chaperoning Field Trips, fulfilling Athletic Volunteer Hours, assisting with the Fife and Drum Corps, etc. do not count toward the HSA hours. If you are in doubt, please contact Sister Annette for clarification.

How do I keep track of (log) my service hours?

You are responsible for logging all of your own service hours as you complete them.

To log your hours, you must fill out our Service Hours Log Form below.

Please be sure to also keep a personal record of your hours in addition to logging them online. This will help clarify if there is a dispute.

Service Hour Statements and Billing

The HSA will tally hours that have been logged by December 31 and send a Mid-Year Service Hour Invoice to all families by the end of January. This invoice will note how many hours have been recorded as of 12/31 and show what you owe for any unfulfilled service hours. At this point you have the option to pay the invoice or select activities you will commit to in the Spring.

Hours are billed at the rate of $12 per unfulfilled service hour.

In May, the HSA will again tally the hours and send home an End-of-Year Invoice. If, by May, you have not fulfilled your service hour requirement, or paid unfulfilled hours, you will have to pay the final balance due before the school year ends.

Any service hour credits earned after the May cutoff will be applied to the following year.

Service Hours Log

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